What Problems Can Electromagnetic Fields Cause?

EMF pollution sickness symptoms

Electromagnetic fields can cause a variety of problems, including:

• Headaches
• Concentration problems
• Difficulty sleeping
• Higher rates of leukemia
• Increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease
• Decreased levels of well-being
• Behavioral problems in children





Devices Known to Create Electromagnetic Fields:

• Cell Phones
• Cordless Phones
• Televisions
• Hair Dryers
• Fax Machines
• Modems
• Video Game Consoles/Controllers
• Microwaves
• Laptops
• Cars
• Printers
• Desktop Computers
• Refrigerators
• Alarm Clocks
• Washers/Dryers
• Monitors





How Does QuShield Help?

  • Filters electromagnetic radiation
  • Improves well-being
  • Helps symptoms of electromagnetic pollution

electromagnetic fields pollution in your home


Scientific Studies on Electromagnetic Fields

According to the most recent collection of studies on electromagnetic fields and their effects on disease[1], the heaviest cell phone users were shown to have a 14% increase in rates of leukemia. Workers with jobs related to electromagnetic fields were shown to have an increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Childhood behavioral problems were also increased in those exposed most to EMFs. Most generally, those most exposed to EMFs reported decreased levels of well-being.


Cell Phones- the New Tobacco?

Why has there been so little attention on this phenomenon? Through the 1950’s smoking was not considered unhealthy and some cigarettes were even considered ‘doctor-approved.’ It wasn’t until the mid-20th century, nearing the 1960’s, that the cigarette-lung cancer connection was medically confirmed. Tobacco had been around since the Native Americans and the time of Christopher Columbus. Cell phones have been around since the 1980’s.
electromagnetic field effects emf pollution
The idea that cell phones can cause damage has only recently started being seriously investigated. In July 2015 a law went into effect in the city of Berkeley, California requiring retailers to warn customers of the potential health risks of cell phones.

How QuShield Works

QuShield’s protective technology converts man-made electromagnetic fields into natural frequencies more harmonious with the human body. It does so with a combination of earth elements and minerals built into the center of the disc.

The QuShield doesn’t block or absorb electromagnetic waves. If it were to do so it would make cell phones useless (think trying to use a cell phone within an aluminum box; the cell phone signal would not go through and it would not receive calls). A better way to think of the QuShield is as a filter or a neutralizer. Electromagnetic signals will still go through the phone, but will be filtered by the QuShield’s unique combination of minerals and prevented from harming the human body and brain.



[1] Röösli, Martin. Epidemiology of Electromagnetic Fields. Florida: CRC Press, 2014. eBook.

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