Solutions for Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)

Qushield cell phone EMF Protection

  • Do you suffer from headaches?
  • Poor concentration?
  • Disordered sleep?

Electromagnetic Fields

You may be the victim of electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution. Electromagnetic fields are known to cause increased rates of cancer (especially among children) and are prevalent throughout our society. You may have up to ten sources of electromagnetic pollution within arm’s reach right now. Sources of electromagnetic pollution include cell phones, computers, printers, televisions, scanners, video game systems, and other electronics.

You need not face the risks of electromagnetic pollution alone. With the help of the QuShield’s shielding technology you can strengthen your body’s resistance to electromagnetic pollution and prevent its negative effects. QuWave’s products have been known to help thousands of people suffering from the ill effects of electromagnetic pollution.

Qushield for Laptops EMF Protection

Eliminate EMF

Imagine a more peaceful life, surrounded by loving friends and family. Now imagine a constant, annoying low-level buzz disturbing that tranquility. No wonder people are so stressed-out! Electromagnetic pollution is a disturbance and a pain in our everyday life.

QuWave’s scientists have spent years developing affordable solutions to these problems. They are now ready to introduce the QuShield, stickers you can put on your cell phone to neutralize and prevent harmful radiation from entering your brain through your phone.

Don’t let electromagnetic pollution, known to degrade life quality, ruin your health. A healthier, more peaceful, more tranquil life can be yours with the help of the QuShield.


Included in a QuShield Package:


QuShield EMF protection sticker postcard

QuShield EMF protection sticker Postcard Back


Neutralize EMF pollution with QuShield protection stickers







  • A postcard explaining the QuShield and how it works
  • QuShield Units (Quantity depending on package bought)

How to Use QuShield

QuShield is easy to install and use. When you open your package you will find inside the QuShield units and a postcard explaining the uses and benefits of QuShield. Take one of the QuShield units. On the back of the unit is white wax paper. Remove the wax paper. The back of the QuShield unit is adhesive (it works as a sticker). Place the adhesive side of the sticker on a device known to cause electromagnetic pollution. Different devices require different amounts of QuShield protection:



Number of QuShield Required

Where to Put QuShield on the Device

QuShield EMF protection for Cell Phone Mobile Phone 1 QuShield cell phone EMF protection sticker Place on the center-back of the phone.
QuShield Cordless Home Phone EMF neutralizer Cordless Home Phone 2 QuShields EMF blocker for cordless phone Place one on base station and one on phone.
Protect your tablet from EMF pollution with QuShield Tablet 4 QuShields  EMF tablet protection stickers Place two on front of tablet and two on back.
QuShield Television EMF pollution protection Television 3 QuShields Protect from TV EMF radiation Place one above the TV screen, one below the TV screen and one on the remote.
QuShield Xbox Video Game Console EMF pollution blocker

Video Game Console

2 QuShields Protect from game controllers EMF radiation Place one on top of console and one on controller.
QuShield Microwave EMF protection Microwave 2 QuShields Home appliance EMF neutralizer Place one on top left and one on top right of corners.
QuShield on Laptop to shield from EMF pollution Laptop 4 QuShields laptop EMF blocking device Place two on keyboard and two on back of screen.
QuShield Desktop Computer protected from EMF pollution Desktop Computer 4 QuShields Computer EMF blocker sticker Place two on computer tower, one on display monitor, and one on keyboard.
QuShield Refrigerator emits EMF radiation Refrigerator 4 QuShields Home appliance radiation protection sticker Place two on top center and two on bottom center of refrigerator front.
QuShield Alarm Clock EMF Pollution Alarm Clock 1 QuShield Neutralize alarm clock radiation with QuShield Place one on front-face or top of alarm clock.
QuShield Hair Dryer EMF protection Hair Dryer 1 QuShield sticker for hair dryer radiation protection Place one on any flat surface of dryer.
QuShield Car EMF protection Car 3 QuShields QuShield car EMF blocking sticker Place one on driver dashboard, one on passenger dashboard and one on radio.
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