QuWave maker of EMF pollution protection products


Like the QuShield? We offer a full selection of scalar energy products at QuWave:

Generates a scalar field with Schumann Resonance to fight electromagnetic fields, provide EMF protection, and ease symptoms of EMF pollution sickness. Harmonizer creates energy for happiness, improved health and well-being.
QuWave Harmonizer products for EMF protection

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Defense for targeted individuals affected by electronic harassment, mind control, V2K, voice to skull, psychotronic, psychic and spiritual attacks.
QuWave Defender products to protect against electronic harassment

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Infuse positive scalar orgone energy into water or any object. Make energized water, food, jewelry, etc.

QuWave Energizer products to infuse food with scalar energy

read about QuWave Energizer products for infusing objects with chi

Scalar field with two Solfeggio frequencies tuned to produce specific results to improve your life.

QuWave Solfeggio frequency products

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Scalar energy generator with different frequencies create an energy field for EMF protection, physical healing, anxiety relief, connecting with others, advancing spiritually, and more!

QuWave scalar energy products

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