Why QuShield?

QuShield EMF Protection for Cell Phones

Headaches, poor sleep, reduced concentration, and even leukemia are linked with high exposure to electromagnetic fields. But with the QuShield, electromagnetic fields will cease to be a problem. The unit is fitted with a collection of minerals designed to filter and neutralize electromagnetic waves. It is designed to be placed on your cell phone, tablet, or laptop to absorb electromagnetic waves and protect you from harmful side effects.

In today’s technology-fueled world you may have up to ten sources of electromagnetic pollution within arm’s reach. Under QuShield’s protection you will no longer need to worry about these problems. Try QuShield today- and shield yourself!

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I used to get headaches from talking on my cell phone all day at work. After using the QuShield, the headaches have gone, my sleep is better and my productivity has increased at work.

Wayne K., NJ

After getting home from work I found myself unable to concentrate. I bought a four-pack of the QuShield, put them all on my computer at work, and have found myself with more focus and more energy to spend with my family after I get home.

Bruce B., Kansas

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